Export Titles from American University

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Affaire Blum-The Blum Affair Deutsche Film AG Progress Film Co. VHS 4510
I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs California Newsreel VHS 4724
Bill Moyers in Conversation with Sister Wendy WGBH Boston Video VHS 5151
Bassa Nova Multicultural Media Amaya Distribution VHS 7544
Germany and Other Problems 1938 Nelson Entertainment
Best Campaign Commercials of 1994 CSPAN VHS 75
Bohater Roku-Hero of the Year Contal International VHS 1455
Mafia Power Play WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6106
Entr'acte(1924); The Crazy Ray(1924) Festival Films VHS 6764
Tracking the Footprints of the Post Secondary Learner Technology and its Data Systems Ramifications National Post Secondary Education Cooperate VHS 5938
When women kill Morag Production with NFB Filmakers Library VHS 3109
Solo De Wet Van de Favela Solo: The Law of the Flavela VPRO First Run/Icarus Films VHS 4925
Iacocca: An American Profile Tom Spain NBC News VHS 224
Shattered Dreams Schonfeld Productions International MPI Home Video VHS 5366
Mariposas en el Andamio; Butterflies on the Scaffold Water Bearer Films Kangaroo Productions VHS 7312
Who profits from drugs? Documentary Consortium PBS Video
Theresienstadt, Gateway to Auschwitz Recollections from Childhood KGT Film Corporation Cinema Guild VHS 5667
Jumping Genes BBC Production Coronet Film & Video VHS 3928
Conducting a termination MTI Teleprograms MTI Teleprograms
Maxine Hong Kingston-Talking Story Crosscurrent Media VHS 1616
Second City- Inside The World's Largest Jail Films for the Humanities & Sciences Hacienda Productions VHS 6462
'Groot boom' Community, November 2000, The Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College VHS 7885
Hands That Picked Cotton Black Politics in Today's Rural South Stekler VHS 5370
Magic Library, The GPN
Ancient Healing Beacon Productions, Inc. Aquarius Health Care Videos VHS 6860
On trial: The William Kennedy Smith case ABC News MPI Home Video
Jackson Pollack Kim Evans Home Vision
Woman of Substance (2) Video/Action Fund VHS 7377
Seaside : new town-resort : Walton County, Florida Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute
Molecular Spectroscopy WARD's
Jacques Derrida Wall to Wall Television Production for Channel 14 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 4045
Abortion: For Survival The Fund for the Feminist Majority The Fund for the Feminist Majority
Great Composers Warner Music Vision BBC/NYC Arts VHS 6671
Land of the Demons ABC News MPI Home Video VHS 3594
Living Voice: A Guided Tour of the Human Larynx in Speech and Song BMC Media VHS 7960
Multicultural Education Heinemann Educational Books
Fair Use- Guidelines For Educational Multimedia: The Final Document and Its Implementation The American University Library Media Services Dept. VHS 4315
Perception McGraw-Hill
Silence New Yorker Video MK2 Productions VHS 7074
All Dressed In White University of California Extension Center For Media and Independent Learning VHS 7475
Land of Jesus Embassy of Israel VHS 7602
Carnival in Flanders = La kernesse heroique Films Sonores Tobis Hen's Tooth Video VHS 6030
Cyrano De Bergerac a Royal Shakespeare Company Production by RKO Pictures; Channel Four (UK) VHS 266
Poppy Lights, Camera, Action! VHS 2890
Hand That Feeds ABC News ABS Distribution Company VHS 4228
Heart attack McGraw-Hill Films CRM Films
Electronic Storyteller: Television and the Cultivation of Values Media Education Foundation, The VHS 4610
Cinema Europe- The Other Hollywood BBC DLT Entertainment VHS 5129
American Porn WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Home Video VHS 6981
Jazz Dance of Matt Mattox Creative Arts Television Camera Three VHS 6998