Export Titles from American University

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Definitions of Access Where Will They Lead Us? National Post Secondary Education Cooperate VHS 5939
Fearless Fund-Raising Helping the Board Rise to The Challenge National Center for Nonprofit Boards VHS 6665
Modern Meat PBS Video VHS 7305
European Tanztheater Dance Horizons Video Princeton Book Co. VHS 5149
Tour Of The Library Of Congress, A Jim Cummins Office by Matrix Media, Inc VHS 242
Churchill Lucy Carter and Stewart Binns PBS Home Video VHS 7635
At Play in the Fields of the Lord MCA Home Video VHS 3580
Mambo Mouth Island Visual Arts Polygram Video VHS 7390
Censorship in our schools, Hawkins County, Tenessee People For the American Way VHS 3140
Through My Eyes: Children Exposed to Violence Office for Victims of Crime VHS 7373
Josephine's Imagination: A Tale of Haiti Great Plains National and Social Studies School Service
Battle Over School Choice, The Frontline PBS Video VHS 6402
Bicycle Path Cryin Out Loud Productions Asphalt Films VHS 7108
Cutting Loose Archipelago Films Richter Productions, Inc. VHS 5353
Emergency! Health care in America: Town meeting ABC News MPI Home Video
Who profits from drugs? Documentary Consortium PBS Video
Tales of the Human Dawn Smithsonian Inst. Unapix Consumer Products VHS 4703
Charlemange Lux Spa Acorn Media VHS 4711
Mission of Mercy Derrick Te Paske Productions Jeff Baker VHS 5664
Conducting a termination MTI Teleprograms MTI Teleprograms
Summer of the Loucheux : portrait of a northern Indian family Graydon McCrea New Day Films VHS 2914
Edward Abbey Eric Temple Productions VHS 2400
Crystals and Shortest Networks Five Colleges
Tan-Singing of Trinidad and Guyana; Indo-Carribean "Local Classical Music" Peter Manuel VHS 7065
Room 309: Decision Points in Secondary Classrooms College of Education Memphis State University
Stilte Rond Christine M. A Question of Silence Sigma Films First Run Features Home Video VHS 6078
Cortesana Madera Cinevideo Mexcinema Video Corp VHS 6749
From "no" to "yes": The constructive rote to agreement Coasta Training Tech. Corp. VHS 5948
NEA and Right Wing Politics ABC News Video Collection VHS 4667
Hang Up Your Brightest Colours: The Life and Death Of Michael Collins ITC Entertainment Group Irish Visions USA VHS 5531
Seaside : new town-resort : Walton County, Florida Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute
Dastfuroush The Pedlar Art Section of Islamic Propaganda Organization Facets Video VHS 4867
Abortion: For Survival The Fund for the Feminist Majority The Fund for the Feminist Majority
MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, June 3,1991 WETA PBS Video VHS 1493
Karol Lir Lenfilm Studios Facets Multimedia VHS 451
Grand Mequlnes, Le Connoiseur Video Collection VHS 2117
Four Bags Full Video Dimensions VHS 1412
Village Voices-40 yrs of Rural Transformation in South India Institute fur den Wissenscheftlichen Film VHS 6455
Buried Cities: Pompeii And Herculaneum International Film Bureau VHS 270
Heart attack McGraw-Hill Films CRM Films
Taste of Democracy Coronet VHS 976
PRSA Video Library Modern Talking Picture Service
New York The Way It Was Atlas Video VHS 7518
Thrall Hall University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
Greening of Planet Earth Institute for Biospheric Research Western Fuels Association VHS 4128
Great Decisions, 2007 Foreign Policy Association VHS 4967
Ansel Adams, Photographer Pacific Arts Video Filmamerica, Inc. VHS 315
Malade Imaginaire, Le Films for the Humanities VHS 1113
1917, Revolution in Russia National Geographic Society VHS 5862
Damned In The USA Video Dub, Inc. VHS 2172