Export Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Aliens, The: Being A Foreign Student Dartmouth College Intercultural Press VHS 7621
Alive! In The Streets: DNC 2000 Cascadia Media Collective VHS 6881
All About Grants New Future Enterprises VHS 4469
All Across America The Irish in America; pt 2 Lennon Documentary Group PBS Video VHS 4802
All Dressed In White University of California Extension Center For Media and Independent Learning VHS 7475
All My Sons Brandman Productions, Inc. MCA Home Video VHS 412
All our children South Carolina ETV; WNET South Carolina ETV
Allegro Non Troppo Public Media Home Vision VHS 3745
Allen Ginsberg Lannan Literary Series, 9 Lewis MacAdams Lannan Foundation VHS 3209
Allies, the end of war, The : human rights, fundamental freedoms Europe, the mighty continent Suddeutscher Rundfunk and Time-Life Films Ambrose Video Publishing
Allseitig Reduzierte Personlichkeit, Redupers, Die = The Allround Reduced Personality Film Verlich Facets Video VHS 5435
Almonds and raisins: A history of the Yiddish cinema Ergo Media
Alsino Y El Condor = Alsino And The Condor Pacific Arts Video VHS 6216
Alterations in the Atmosphere Fragile Planet, The Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 1222
Alternative Assessment Teacher TV. Alt. Assessment; v.11 NEA Profesional Library VHS 4514
Always the Enemy; The Only Good... How the West was Lost; v. 2 Discovery Enterprises Group VHS 2192
America 1900 PBS Video WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 5596
America by Design. The House. Guggenhelm Productions PBS Video
America In The Pacific-The Clash of Two Cultures Between The Wars; pt. 8 PBS Video VHS 628
America the Dancing Ground United States Information Agency
America's #1 Now What? Thirteen/WNET PBS Video VHS 5333
America's relations with Eastern Europe Eastern Europe: Breaking with the past, no. 1 Global View Productions Global View Productions VHS 1701
America's Teachers-Profile of a Profession National Center for Education Statistics U.S. Department of Education VHS 3592
America's War on Poverty Blackside, Inc. HC110.P63 A72x 1995 VIDEO v.1
America's War on Poverty Blackside, Inc.
American Avant Guard Compilation Foothill Video Home Use Collection Facets Multimedia VHS 3875
American Byzantine Journey Films Thirteen/WNET VHS 6664
American Chinatown University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
American Constitution, The Road From Runnymede AIMS Media VHS 6668
American Porn WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Home Video VHS 6981
American Stepfamily, An Films for the Humanities VHS 1205
American University Historical Film VHS 7489
American University Orientation 2003 American University VHS 7590
American Vocalist: Spirituals & Folk Hymns, 1850-1870 George Reise Erato Disques VHS 3188
Americans with Disabilities Act: New access to the workplace MTI Film and Video
Amiri Baraka Lannan Literary Series, 26 Lannan Foundation VHS 3226
Among Friends Juilliard String Quartet at Michigan State University 1985 Michigan State University VHS 7343
Among the Non-Believers Living Islam; pt.5 BBC Production Ambrose Video Publishing VHS 4285
Anatomy of a coup BBC News and Current Affairs; Discovery Channel Coronet Film and Video
Anatomy of a libel case: Business vs. the media PBS Video
Anatomy of an Illness, the Healing Power of Humor Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior VHS 973
Ancient creature of the deep WGBH Boston Video VHS 7970
Ancient Healing Beacon Productions, Inc. Aquarius Health Care Videos VHS 6860
Ancient Mariners Odyssey Series Public Broadcasting Associates VHS 4951
Ancient philosophy and faith Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1 The Teaching Company VHS 7501 pt. 1
Ancient Warriors Seventh Art Productions Discovery Communications VHS 3412
Andre Techine Apres La Nouvelle Vague Cinema de Notre Temps Society for French American Cultural Services & Educational Aid VHS 4934
Andrei Voznesensky Lannan Literary Series; no.22 Metropolitan Pictures The Lanning Foundation VHS 3222
Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Young and Doris Goodwin: Terrorist Attacks Special Coverage, September 13, 2001 Video Monitoring Service of America VHS 6844