Export Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Wave from The Atlantic American Visions; pt.5 Thirteen/WNET PBS Video VHS 4575
Waves JARE data reports BBC TV Coronet Film & Video VHS 2886
We Are Not Who You Think We Are Video/Action Fund VHS 7372
We know where you live Orlando Television for WGBH Boston in association with Channel 4 London. Coronet Film and Video
We Shall Overcome Ginger Group California Newsreel VHS 4725
We the People: The President and the Constitution Media Associates
Weapon of Choice, The War and Peace in The Nuclear Age; pt.2 Intellimation VHS 665
Weave of time, A Susan Fanshel Direct Cinema Limited VHS 425
Web Accessibility: Access For All California State University, Fresno VHS 7806
Wedding Song-Henna Art... Queens Council on the Arts VHS 1076
Week that shook the world, The: The Soviet coup ABC News MPI Home Video
Weizmann Embassy of Israel VHS 7605
Welfare Warriors Running Deer Productions Vision Quest Film and Video Productions VHS 5308
West Beyrouth; West Beirut Remstar Douri Films VHS 6532
West of Hester Street Ergo Media VHS 5640
What About Mom and Dad? Frontline WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 4958
What happened to Bill Clinton? PBS PBS Video
What is catholicism? Argus
What Is the limit? National Audubon Society The Society VHS 441
What is Whole Language? Wright Group Publishers VHS 2913
What Jennifer saw WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 4266
What's Up With Middle School Guys? Wisconsin Public Telivision NEWIST/CESA #7 VHS 6848
When cops go bad WGBH PBS Video
When Democracy Works Aubin Pictures Productions Aubin Pictures VHS 6932
When Mother Comes Home For Christmas-- ZDF/ The Greek Film Centre/ Film Sixteen Papazoglou Video VHS 5570
When the cat's away = Chacun cherche don chat Columbia Tristar Home Video
When The Wall Came Tumbling Down: 50 Hours That Changed The World Henstooth Video VHS 7145
When will our turn come? : the urban poor of Oaxaca University of Northern Colorado Educational Materials Service University of Northern Colorado Educational Materials Service
When women kill Morag Production with NFB Filmakers Library HV 6626.23 .C2 .W54x 1994 VIDEO
When women kill Morag Production with NFB Filmakers Library VHS 3109
When Women Unite The Story of an Uprising Drishti-C-Dit Media for International Development VHS 4650
Where the edges of conquest meet Aime Cesaire, a voice for history, 2 California Newsreel VHS 4062
Where the Spirit Lives Studio Entertainment VHS 1388
Where There is Hatred Maryknoll Video Magazine Maryknoll Video Library VHS 3700
Where There's A Will There's An-A American Educational Publishers VHS 966
While America Watched: The Bosnia Tragedy MPI Home Video VHS 3595
White balloon, The = Badkonake sefid October Films Evergreen Entertainment VHS 4836
White House Conference on Library and Info. Services, The The American University VHS 1604
White snow: The dirty truth about environmental cleanup University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
Who Are You? Secret of Life, The; 8 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 2518
Who killed Allen Griffen? CBS News Ambrose Video
Who profits from drugs? Documentary Consortium PBS Video
Who Runs Congress... Congress, we The People; pt 9+10 AU Library non-print Media Dept. VHS 2698
Who's the enemy? Made in America?, v. 1 WGBH Science Unit Films for the Humanities VHS 2446
Whole Language Strategies for Upper Elementary Students Heinemann Educational Books
Whole Language: Buzzword, or Revolution in Progress? Heinemann Educational Books
Whose Sea is this The Blue Revolution; pt. 12 Films for the Humanities VHS 775
Who’s killing Calvert City? Frontline PBS Video
Why do Americans hate lawyers so much? ABC News MPI Home Video
Why is military spending going up? America's Defense Monitor Center for Defense Information Center for Defense Information