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Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
A danc̜a Afro da Bahia = The African dance of Bahia STV Rede SescSenac de Televisao Insight Media GV1705 .D352 1990z video
Advanced progressions Cathy Roe Productions Cathy Roe Productions GV1784 .A48 1997 video
African and Caribbean dancing: made easy for fun and fitness Christy Lane Enterprises Christy Lane Enterprises GV1705 .A37 2001 video
Alvin Ailey: memories and visions Phoenix Films GV1785 A59 1980z video
Asian/Asian-American perspectives on modern dance Douglas Rosenberg Artworks Video GV1783 .A85 1995 video
Baroque dance portfolio, A Dancetime Publications GV1746 .B376 1997 video
Baryshnikov: the dancer and the dance M. Baryshnikov Productions and London Weekend Television Ltd. Kultur GV1785.A2 B37 1983 video
Bases del baile flamenco de la luz Alegrias Productions GV1796.F55 B3 1987 video
Belly dance for fitness and fun: [beginning] Alicia J. Dhanifu Dhanifu Productions GV1796.B4 D5 1984 video
Best of Springdance '98. Editions a voir GV1782.62 .S785 1998 video
Best of Springdance Cinema 95. Editions a voir GV1782.62 .S785 1995 video
Best of Springdance Cinema 96. Editions a voir GV1782.62 .S785 1996 video
Billboards NVC Arts Werner Reprise Video GV1790 .B553x 1993 VIDEO
Billboards NVC Arts Werner Reprise Video GV1786.J6 B5 1993 video
Black swan, The : Meryl Tankard, choreographer Australian Broadcasting Corporation Insight Media GV1785.T34 M47 1995 video
Book of Shadows Janis Mattox GV1795 .B66 1992 video
Breath; [choreographed and performed] by Eiko & Koma. GV1783.2.B7 E5 1999 video
Celebration: Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet commemorating fifity years of dance Home Vision GV1786.R6 C45 1981 video
Changes: a retrospective of solo dances, 1948-1974 Daniel Nagrin Theatre and Film Dance Foundation GV1785.N34 C4 1980z video
Choreography by Balanchine. Part 2 WNET/13 WarnerVision Entertainment GV1790.J4 S4 1996 video
Civil War dance instruction Victorian Dance Ensemble, Inc. GV1746 .C59 2001 video
Creating the dancer's body: Cathy Roe Cathy Roe Productions Cathy Roe Productions GV1798.6 .C74 1997 video
Dagbamba praise name dances, stories and drummed language White Cliffs Media Co. GV1705 .D34 1990 video
Dance and myth: the world of Jean Erdman Uroboros ARC Videodance GV1785.E74 D35 1993 video
Dance as an art form Chimera Foundation for Dance The Foundaton GV1783 .D35 1980z video
Deborah Hay Dance Company presents a new dance for seven people, The Deborah Hay Dance Company GV1785 .H39 1993 video
Dreams--A dance work by Anna Sokolow Camera three Brockway, Merrill Creative Arts Television Archive Collection GV1782.62 .D74 1980z video
Eddie Brown's "Scientific Rhythm" Images GV1794 .B76 1990 video
Erik Bruhn: I'm the same, only more DR TV, TV-Fakta and Sveriges Television AB Kultur GV1785.B78 E75 2000 video
Evening of dance and conversation with Martha Graham, An WNET/Thirteen Video Arts International GV1783 .M36 1984 video
Evening with Nederlands Dans Theater, An RM Arts/SVT2 NVC Arts International GV1790.A1 E92 1987 video
Feast of Irish set dances, A Rego; Oilean Productions Rego Irish Records & Tapes GV1688.I7 F43 1989 video
Fiesta gitana--por tangos y bulerías Mare Films Videos de la Luz GV1796.F55 .F5 1994 video
Five Dances By Martha Graham Phillips Classics Productions GV1783 .F58x 1995 VIDEO
Five Dances By Martha Graham Phillips Classics Productions GV1785.G7 F5 1995 video
Flatfooting workshop Ira Bernstein GV1793 .F53 1996 video
Foray foret Trisha Brown Company Video D Studios GV1783.2 .F6735 1993 video
Fractions I: a video dance by Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas Cunningham Dance Foundation GV1782.62 .F72 1990 video
French folk dancing by Cindy Lopez Gessler Publishing Co GV1649 .F74 1989 video
Galina Ulanova in Paul Czinner's The Bolshoi Ballet Video Artists International GV1788 .G34 1991 video
Gambyong Pangkur: Javanese dance Resonance Media GV1703.I532 J372 1993 video
Gerhard Bohner: Tänzer & Choreograph Inter Nationes GV1651 .G47 1984 video
Gesture Dance: the Oskar Schlemmer Theatre Ensemble Inter Nationes and the Oskar Schlemmer Theatre Ensemble GV1651 .G48 1986 video
Ghost dances IFPA Ltd. Home Vision GV1790.G486 G486 1983 video
Giselle: the making of V.I.E.W., Inc. V.I.E.W. Video GV1790.G5 G5 1996 video
Gratie d'amore (The graces of love): European court dance of the late renaissance Historical Dance Foundation GV1747 .G73 1992 video
Groosland Het Nationale Ballet Editions a voir GV1786.H48 G76 1989 video
Highlights of the second Leicester International Dance Festival Fosse Community Studio Harwood Academic Publishers GV1786.L45 H5 1992 video
History of dance on film and video, The Springdance, Filmtheater Editions a voir GV1783 .H589 1996 video
Hoppla! Marie-Pascale Osterrieth and Hugo de Greef Editions a voir GV1782.62 .H67 1988 video
If you couldn't see me ; &, M.O. Video D Studios GV1785.B7 I5 1995 video
Intensive course in elementary labanotation City College of New York Princeton Book Co. Publishers GV1587 .I58 1988
Istoria russkogo baleta: Mariins Tyeatr Eastern Light Production/"Krupnyĭ Plan" Eastern Light Production/"Krupnyĭ Plan" GV1790.A3 M38 1998 video
Jammin' Janet's hip-hop! class Janet Roston M.A.D. Degrees Prods GV1783.2.H5 J3 1992 video
Jazz dance jigsaw, The: a documentary on the first American Jazz Dance World Congress. Jazz Dance World Congress Orion Enterprise GV1784 .J39 1991 video
Jose Greco In Performance Voice of Firestone Classic Performances Video Artists International GV1673 .J684 1990, video
Jose Limon technique as taught by Daniel Lewis Video D Studios Video D Studios GV1788 .J6 1987 video
Kalakshetra Centre Productions CLEARVUE/eav GV1786.K35 K35 1986 video
Kemoko Sano teaches African dance: from the republic of Guinea Kemoko Sano Original Music, Inc. GV1705 .K45 1991 video
Khmer Court Dance Khmer Studies Institute Multicultural Media GV1703.C3 K5 1995 video
Komm tanz mit mir = Come dance with me. University of California Extension Media Center University of California Extension Media Center GV1785 .S36 1991 video
Kurt Jooss: a commitment to dance WDR co-production in association with BBC Insight Media GV1785.J57 K87 2001 video
L'aprʹes-midi d'un faune (1912) Character Generators Video Harwood Academic Publishers GV1790.A3 A6 1991 video
Legacy: a dance narrative by Bill Evans, The Harwood Academic Publishers GV1782.62 .L45 2000 video
Lester Horton (1906-1953): genius on the wrong coast Green River Road GV1785.H64 L47 1993 video
Let's Lindy Hop Lindy Hop Shop Ltd. & On Tap Enterprises On Tap! GV1796.L5 L4 1998 video
Line up Trisha Brown Company, Inc. Video D Studios GV1786.B76 L5 1991 video
Lost in the shuffle producer/director, Ed Jones; WDCN Agency for Instructional Technology GV1623 .L67 1995 video
Magic of Irish set dancing and its music An Fainne Rince Club GV1688.I7 M3 1993 video
Makarova returns BBC Television. Kultur GV1790.A1 M35 1989 video
Man Phyllis Lamhut Dance Company The Company GV1786.L25 M3 1989 video
Maner of dauncynge, The Audiovisual Service, the University of Leeds GV1646.E6 M36 1980 video
Martha Graham: the dancer revealed Thirteen/WNET Kultur GV1785.G73 M3 1994 video
Mats Ek RM Associates GV1785 .E38 M38 2000 video
Merce Cunningham London Weekend Television in cooperation with Cunningham Dance Cunningham Dance Foundation GV1785.C8 M4 1980 video
Merce Cunningham and dance company: event for television WNET/Thirteen Cunningham Dance Foundation GV1786.C85 M42 1977 video
Meredith Monk: conversations with contemporary masters of American modern dance ADF Video GV1985 .M6 1996 video
Mexican dances AIMS Media World Video GV1627 .M49 1980z video
Michael Moschen in motion. Produced, directed and edited by Skip Blumberg Thirteen/WNET In Motion Productions GV1595 .M52 1991 video
Montalvo et l'enfant La Sept and CDN Productions Editions a voir GV1782.62 .M65 1988 video
Nagrin videotape library of dances, The: selections Daniel Nagrin Theatre and Film Dance Foundation Daniel Nagrin Theatre and Film Dance Foundation GV1785.N34 N3 1986 video
Norman Walker Dance Company, The Camera three Brockway, Merrill Creative Arts Television Archive GV1786.N6 C3 1980z video
Not just a somersault: insights on aspects of Martha Graham technique 1938-1991 Bonnie Bird and Thea Barnes Laban Centre for Movement and Dance GV1783 .N68 1995, video
Paroles de danses = Words on dance Injam Production & Paris Premiere Society for French American Cultural Services & Educational Aid (FACSEA) GV1785.A1 P37 1997 video
Paul Taylor Dance Company, The Dance in America WNET Nonesuch GV1785.T39 P3 1998
Paul Taylor's Speaking in Tongues Elektra Nonesuch GV1783 .P3 1991 video
Pavlova Societe Radio-Canada and Premiere Performance Corporation Kultur GV1785.P3 P3 1988 video
Physics, dance, and the pas de deux Maxwell Macmillan International GV1788.2.P37 L3 1994
Pilobolus Dance Theatre Dance in America WNET Nonesuch GV1783 .P54 1998 video
Pleasures of the dance, The Jarvis Conservatory GV1649 .P54 1995 video
Poem; directed by Nick Havinga Camera three American Dance Theater Creative Arts Television GV1782.62.P64 P646 1999 video
Portrait of Giselle, A BC Video Enterprises Kultur GV1790.G5 P6 1982 video
Post-modern dance: Judson Theater & the Grand Union Eye on dance ARC Videodance GV1785 .P6 1990 video
Quarry by Meredith Monk House Foundation for the Arts, Inc. GV 1785.M6 Q3 1977
Rambert triple bill Thomas Grimm Kultur GV1790 .R35 1984 video
Robert Schumann's "Davidsbündlertänze" CBS Cable in association with the National Video Corporation Home Vision GV1790.D38 D3 1981 video
Romantic era, The ABC Video Enterprises Inc. Kultur GV1788.2.P37 R6 1980 video
Russian ballet: the glorious tradition Val G. Productions, Ltd. Video Artists International GV1790.A1 R87 1993 video
Search for dance - Pina Bausch's theater with a difference, The Inter Nationes GV1782.5 .S43 1994 video
Shakers, The. Choreography by Doris Humphrey; performed by the Doris Humphrey Workshop Dancers Dorothy Humphrey Society Dance Horizons Video GV1587.H79 S5 1998 video
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't Cunningham Dance Foundation Cunningham Dance Foundation GV1786.C85 S65 1983 video
Squaregame Cunningham Dance Foundation Cunningham Dance Foundation GV1785.C8 S8 1976 video
Step by step: guide to the Clare reel step Wildsets Productions GV1688.S8 2003
Step by step: guide to the Clare reel step Wildsets Productions GV1688.S8 2003
Stuttgart Ballet: the miracle lives Boggs/Baker production Kultur GV1786 .S89 1983 video
Susanne Linke Charles Picq Inter Nationes GV1785.L517 S82 1991 video
Susanne Linke - Soli Charles Picq Inter Nationes GV1785.L517 S8 1992 video
Suzanne Farrell: elusive muse Seahorse Films, Inc. Direct Cinema Ltd. GV1785.F35 S8 1997 video
Sylvia Plath: Choreographic theatre Johann Kresnik Inter Nationes GV1785.P53 S95 1998 video
Talk with Kurt Jooss & Isa Partsch Bergsohn Harwood Academic Publishers GV1783 .T35 1995 video
Tango the passion: gypsy passion Madacy Entertainment Group GV1796.T3 T35 1999 video
Tango the passion: Senor Tango Madacy Entertainment Group GV1796.T3 S4 1999 video
Tango the passion: super tango Madacy Entertainment Group GV1796.T3 S8 1999 video
Tappin rhythm: a Bob Rizzo film Riz-Biz Productions Riz-Biz Productions GV1794 .T37 1993 video
Ten toe percussion: tap, clog & step dancing live from the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany Ira Bernstein GV1793 .B474 1994 video
Two takes on tap: choreographers Brenda Bufalino and Lynn Daly Sharon Arslanian Images GV1794 .T86 1993 video
Utopia Phyllis Lamhut Dance Company Current Production Group GV1785.L35 U7 1988 video
Video dance lectures with Bob Lockyer First Light Video Pub. GV1779 .V53 1992 video
What do Pina Bausch and her dancers do in Wuppertal? = Was tun Pina Bausch und ihre Tänzerin in Wuppertal? NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) and Westdeutsches Fernsehen Inter Nationes GV1788.6.W8 W5 1983 video
White man sleeps, Wyoming Channel 4 Television Corp Dance Videos GV1783 .W47 1989 video
White night of dance in Leningrad Alap Video, Gosteleradio. Kultur GV1790.A1 W45 1987 video
Wrecker's ball, The: three dances by Paul Taylor Thirteen/WNET Thirteen/WNET GV1783 .W73 1996 video