Titles from University of North Texas

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
15 and getting straight Rosebud Productions, Richard David Intermedia, Inc. 1000850228
1984 CLIO awards Graphic Motion Group CLIO Awards 100199628
Alzheimer's disease Phil Donahue Films for the Humanities 1000851388
Anatomy of a volcano Horizon series Stuart Harris, BBC-TV WGBH 1000005205
Assignment Africa: an inside story David Royle New Atlantic Productions 1000319249
Automated program synthesis Distinguished lecture series: leaders in computer science and electrical engineering University Video Communications University Video Communications 1000759569
Booktalking with Joni Bodart Wilson video resource collection Visual Education for the H.W. Wilson Company, Richard Lidz Visual Education for the H.W. Wilson Company 1000316481
Construction: building your future Arnold Pictures Associated General Contractors of America 1000316920
Creative storytelling techniques: mixing the media with Dr. Caroline Feller Bauer Mobile Video Productions PBS Video 1000851034
Episode #14: 5th grade science (the solar system) Video library of teaching episodes John Checkley Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 1000689626
In a class of his own Exceptional child Thames Television, David Hodgson Films for the Humanities 1000904285
Individual differences Growing years Terry D. Nelson McGraw_Hill Films 1000689913
Information society Varied Direction, Inc PBS 1001999026
Last epidemic:the medical consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war Physicians for Social Responsibility Impact Productions 1000005219
Session 1: management overview ISO 9000 international quality standards International Quality Systems 1000851061
Session 2: ISO 9000 requirements ISO 9000 international quality standards International Quality Systems 1001826607
Spiritual issues and resources for the terminally ill Thomas R. McCormick, Jenny Stamm Television Arts Productions 100315603
Suicide is not painless Englander Films Englander Films 1000315453
The health connection: optimal wellness for the older person Community Council of Greater Dallas Dallas Area Agency on Aging 1000749388
What happens in high school New approaches to high school learning & discipline Dave Bell Associates Media Five 1000768062