Titles from University of North Texas

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
15 and getting straight Rosebud Productions, Richard David Intermedia, Inc. 1000850228
1984 CLIO awards Graphic Motion Group CLIO Awards 100199628
1989 Stuttgart World Gymnastics Championships, Men's optionals Frank Endo Frank Endo 1000702363
1989 Stuttgart World Gymnastics Championships, Women's optionals Frank Endo Frank Endo 1000702365
330 million gods Long search Ambrose Video, BBC, Time Life Television, R.M. Productions Ambrose Video 1000786567
A sea in the clouds: a chronicle of Lake Tahoe FilmFair Communications, Pendragon Company FilmFair Communications 1000700799
A video trip to Patterson Road School: formula phonics reading chain Patterson Road elementary School Integrative Learning Systems 1000005286
A.C.T. for equal treatment Division of Media Services, Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, Northern Illinois University Northern Illinois University 1000851385
Acid rain: requiem or recovery Direct Cinema, National Film Board of Canada, Crawley Films Direct Cinema 1000786608
Additional verbal problems and trigonometry Algebra & integrated math series Video Tutorial Service Video Tutorial Service 1000702360
Adirondacks, the Direct Cinema Limited, Florentine Films, Adirondack Museum Direct Cinema Limited 1000786607
Adult learner, the Gulf Publishing Company Gulf Publishing Company 1000702354, 1000702355
Agents of change: the law enforcement response to family violence Victim Services Agency Victim Services Agency 1000763918
Aging in rural America WOUB-TV, Ohio University Terra Nova Films, Inc. 1000702339
Algebraic terms and operations VTS algebra series Video Tutorial Services, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Video Tutorial Services 1000702357
Alzheimer's disease Phil Donahue Films for the Humanities 1000851388
An introduction to the Internet Free Range Media, Michael Samsel Wehman Video 1000714840
Anatomy of a volcano Horizon series Stuart Harris, BBC-TV WGBH 1000005205
And they sang a new song: twenty-four musical elders at Santiago de Compostela Early music television University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma 1000702394
Animals film, the Cinema Guild 1000714706
Ashes and diamonds International collection Embassy Home Entertainment Embassy Home Entertainment 1000702343
Assessment and long-range planning Renewing a place called school The Corp, Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, Frank Frost Productions The Corp 1000787748
Assignment Africa: an inside story David Royle New Atlantic Productions 1000319249
Automated program synthesis Distinguished lecture series: leaders in computer science and electrical engineering University Video Communications University Video Communications 1000759569
Baking, cakes, cookies and decoration Food service Vocational Media Associates, Prentice-Hall Media Vocational Media Associates 1000786591
Baking, yeast-raised products Food service Vocational Media Associates, Prentice-Hall Media Vocational Media Associates 1000786588
Baking: pastry Food service Vocational Media Associates, Prentice-Hall Media Vocational Media Associates 1000786594
Best spots: best of 1989 Adweek Adweek 1000702389
Booktalking with Joni Bodart Wilson video resource collection Visual Education for the H.W. Wilson Company, Richard Lidz Visual Education for the H.W. Wilson Company 1000316481
Borderline syndrome: a personality disorder of our time Filmakers Library, Inc., Olive Tree Productions, Inc. Filmakers Library, Inc. 1000700794
Bringing customers and products together The basic business film library: an introductory course about private enterprise and American business Robert M Fulmer EC 1000402069
Business of business publications, the Exploring mass communications Instructional Video Instructional Video 1000700770
Business system and its environment The basic business film library: an introductory course about private enterprise and American business Robert M Fulmer EC 1000005284
Cathedrals Modern marvels A&E Home Video, Jaffe Productions 1000713822
Coaching and counseling: management tools for improving performance Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp., Chuck Olin Associates, Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. 1000787720
Common ground National Audubon Society specials PBS Video, National Audubon Society, Turner Broadcasting System, WETA PBS Video 1000787729
Composites Manufacturing insights Society of Manufacturing Engineering Society of Manufacturing Engineering 1000702371
Comprehensive analysis of speed development: methods & program design Behlen Video Productions, National Strength & Conditioning Association Behlen Video Productions 1000702349
Construction: building your future Arnold Pictures Associated General Contractors of America 1000316920
Copyright questions Great Plains National Instructional Television Library 1000714843, 1001521380
Couples arguing View Film and Video Filmakers Library 1001829964
Creative storytelling techniques: mixing the media with Dr. Caroline Feller Bauer Mobile Video Productions PBS Video 1000851034
Design for manufacture American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Office of Instructional Services, Colorado State University, National Technological University 1000714847
Desktop design 1: an introduction to basic electronic graphic processes Goldsholl Design and Film, Inc., Dynamic Graphics, Inc., Goldsholl Film Group Step-by-Step Video 1000700778
Desktop design: 3 : creative design with page-layout software Learn & earn Goldsholl Film Group, Step-by-Step Video Step-by-Step Video 1000700780
Disabilities and motherhood Fanlight Productions Films for the Humanities and Sciences 1000714842
Distance learning today, program 1, an introduction Learning Seed, John Bruner 1000714428
Distance learning today, program 2, methods & mediums MnSAT, John Bruner 1000714427
Distance learning today, program 3, interactive learning environments John Bruner, MnSAT 1000714426
Distance learning today, program 4, telecourse techniques MnSAT, John Bruner 1000714425